Siemens Energy - November 12, 2019


The Piedmont Area High Performance Manufacturing Association (HPMA) cordially invites you to our next HPMA dinner event. 

Tuesday, November 12th
4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Siemens Energy
3050 Westinghouse Rd. 

No open toed shoes or soft side shoes.

**Special Note - Bring Safety Glass if you have them.
Rural Hall, NC 27045

The Siemens Winston Service Center is a one-stop service shop offering leading–edge approaches to supporting steam as well as the gas turbine fleet.  We have the capabilities to perform comprehensive repair processes, including inspection, cleaning, frequency testing, thermography, surface treating, heat treating, joining, re-contouring and coating.  Additionally, we have the capabilities for new parts machining including turning, milling, grinding, and non-conventional machining operations.  We are the home to a proud workforce that focuses on safety, quality and on-time deliveries, by creating an employee-driven improvement culture. 


I&A, Inspection & Advise

We as an organization constantly seek opportunities to improve our processes.  Continuous improvement tools such as Kaizen, GEMBA walks, Visual management are used regularly.  In the I&A area, we embarked on a CI journey about two years ago to improve flow through the area.  We were averaging 20-25 sets/month and our WIP averaged around 80 + orders.  Using a combination of tools described above we were able to increase the throughput by 50% and reduce WIP to 50 orders.  Daily GEMBA by supervisors and managers are conducted and all key topics such as safety, quality, production targets are covered.  Any significant quality issues are addressed through an A3 process with strong emphasis on addressing the root cause and implementing corrective actions.

New Parts

  • Original Status: New parts consisted of Bar Blade, Forged Blade and Castings, which covered the whole footprint.  The task was to incorporate work and equipment from three other shops into this same footprint

Thermal Spray
Original status

  • Booth through put averaging 13 sets per month
  • Booth first time yield for sample submittal below 60%
  • On time delivery at 89%
  • Non-Conformances averaging 16%

Final Status
Defined scope of work to make improvements and set off to do so – this is still work in progress, but metrics are showing significant improvement across the board

  • Booth through put averaging 17.5 sets per month (target 20 sets/month)
  • Booth first time yield for sample submittal below 90% (target 90%)
  • On time delivery at 94% (target 95%)
  • Non-Conformances averaging 13% (target 10%)

Morale has improved, results have improved, everyone is on board with our direction

As a reminder, HPMA meetings encourage learning, networking, and collaboration, but solicitation of business is prohibited at all times.

Cost for this dinner event is $25 per person.  To register, please contact Bridgett Roach at the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce:
or call 336-248-5929.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted.

Attire is business casual.





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