Networking/Social - December 12, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 

Paul J. Ciener Botanical Gardens  - Kernersville, NC 

Doors Open at 5 p.m—Dinner at 6:30 p.m.




We will focus on generating tangible leadership momentum through a relevant, inspiring, and actionable learning experience. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and encouraged about the trajectory of your professional growth and the positive impact you can have on your organization. Be prepared to go beyond theory and uncover applicable tools that will drive meaningful results back at your workplace.

Title: Your Employees Have Quit—They Just Haven’t Left

Topic: Create a Highly Engaged and Effective Team


Rich Schlentz—Consultant, Speaker, Leadership Coach, and Author

His debut book is: Your Employees Have Quite—They Just Haven’t Left


Employee engagement is creating a culture where employees are intellectually and emotionally tied to their company’s vision. Engaged team members are loyal, committed, creative, and innovative. They are more productive than their disengaged counterparts and deliver high-level results while positively impacting the bottom-line. Global data reveals that:

· Engaged employees average 27% less absenteeism than those who are disengaged

· Workgroups with lower engagement scores average 62% more accidents than higher scoring workgroups

· Higher levels of team engagement equates to 12% higher customer scores than those in the bottom tier

· Engaged teams average 18% higher productivity and 12% higher profitability

Learning Objectives:

· Discover the cause behind our global disengagement epidemic

· Understand strategies for reengaging employees and building committed work teams

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